Double leaf doors

Door with a wooden door frame


In housing and public buildings as external or internal
entry doors. Documented UD coefficient of 0.9 for full
doors and UD=1.00 for glazed doors)

Dostępne szerokości:

Double-leaf doors:
“120” (80+40)
“130” (90+40)

Dostępne ościeżnice:

Wooden door frame with veneer in the color of the wing.

  • heat-insulating Rw=31 dB wooden soft type door frame with veneer in the color of the wing
  • 6 hinges adjusted in three planes
  • metal covers of hinges in the color of a handle (optional)
  • hitching plate of the lock witha djustable wing tightening
  • fixed security bolts
  • warm aluminium threshold with thermal separator
  • 57mm thick wing filled with polyurethane foam
  • wooden stile(lack of thermal bridges)
  • additional three-bolt lock
  • three-bolt main lock
  • factory-drilled openings for AXA handles in case of buying them in the set with the door
  • two seals
  • weather board in the color of the wing for door opened to the inside

We manufacture double-wing door based on THERMIKA FELC model and because of that they
adopt all advantages of this reliable construction, such as its heat-insulation, durability and
aesthetic look. Offered combinations of all patterns of THERMIKA FELC line with twenty kinds of
full and glazed extensions give a wide range of models to choose from according to an individual
taste of a client. Double-wing door are manufactured in all colors from color palette of doors
THERMIKA FELC in single-wing version
On a client’s request, by an additional charge, we can shorten double-wing door in a factory to
the provided size, maximum by 16 cm.

  • Sheffield oak
  • Swamp oak
  • Winchester
  • Golden oak
  • Nut
  • Mahogany
  • Anthracite structure
  • Anthracite