Prima Line

Door with a steel door frame


In housing and public buildings as external or internal
entry doors.

Available widths:

Single-leaf doors: “80”, “90”, “100”

Available door frames:

Steel (soft): welded, painted in the color of the wing according to RAL.

  • rigid metal full (soft) door frame, welded, painted in the color of the wing.
  • 3 hinges adjusted in two planes
  • fixed security bolts
  • aluminium threshold
  • 43 mm thick wing filled with polyurethane foam
  • wooden stile (lack of thermal bridges)
  • additional three-bolt lock
  • three-bolt main lock
  • factory-drilled openings for AXA handles in case of buying them in the set with the door
  • weather board in the color of the wing for the door opened to the inside (optional)