Transom lights and sidelights

More light at home, accurately made on a given size


In housing and public buildings as external or internal
entry doors.

Dostępne szerokości:

Sidelights up to 50cm of width and transom lights up to 50cm of height. Custom size on customer’s request.

Dostępne ościeżnice:

Wooden door frame veneered in the color of the wing



  • Low-emission glass U=1.0 [W/m2*K]: transparent, reflex, milk white, Venetian mirror
  • Low-emission glass U=1.2 [W/m2*K]: burglar proof P2
  • Sandwich panel 43 mm: flat in the color of the wing, filled with rigid polyurethane foam

The product dedicated to any MIKEA doors equipped with wooden door frame
(Prima Thermo and Thermica Felc with a strip lock/Thermica Felc).
The construction of transom lights of our production is based on a wooden
heat-insulating frame finished in the same way as the door frame. Frame
fillings are solely low-emission combined glass inserts (normally transparent,
with reflex type glasses by additional payment, milk white, Venetian mirror
and P2 burglar proof) or sandwich panels the same as the door wing, 43 mm
thick, filled with rigid polyurethane foam.
We especially recommend doors with transom lights and sidelights when it
is necessary to fill the mounting holes of unusual sizes, in case of additional
lighting up of the space behind the door or when a client wishes to give
a more prestigious character to a building’s entry.
In this last case we especially recommend the version with sandwich panel
filling and additionally with mounted stained glass window glazings.

  • Sheffield oak
  • Swamp oak
  • Winchester
  • Golden oak
  • Nut
  • Mahogany
  • Anthracite structure
  • Anthracite